Living quarters with bathroom
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Living quarters with bathroom

Living quarters with bathroom, can be single for manager or long span for workers.
Using steel structure as frame and sandwich panel as wall & roof, size is customized by yourselves.
Waterproof design for house and bathroom, offering you a comfortable living area.

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  • TP-4T6H

Prefab living quarter is a common product of prefab house.
It is very popular because its characteristic include effective production and installation but costs low.
Using steel structure as frame and sandwich panel or PPGI as wall & roof. All materials are pre-made in factory, so only need to assembly them on site.
It is a mature product for all over the world, simple but safe. May be large or small, simple or elegant, it will be always meet your need whatever it is for worker or manager.
It is popular as site office, worker dormitory, living home, warehouse etc because of its characteristic (rapid production, fast installation, movable, beautiful, environment-friendly etc).

1. Recycle use:All components are standard and fabricated in factory, which makes it suitable in recycle use for many times.

2. Various selection: The house can be designed as single, two or three stories. The outer panels can be selectable based on fireproof or non-fireproof materials.

3. Quick installation:It is quick to erect due to the light-weight materials. Estimate 5 skilled workers can finish 150sqm in two days.

4. Environmental protection: The materials can be recycled and no construction waste during construction.

Sandwich panel, composed by 2pcs steel sheet and insulation layer.

Sandwich panel option EPS Glass wool Rock wool PU
Outstanding characteristic Cheap A2 fireproof A1 fireproof,       good insulation Best insulation

Thickness of layer 50mm 75mm 100mm

Thickness of steel sheet 0.326mm 0.376mm 0.426mm 0.476mm





 Marketing and R&D Center:
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